Americans Frustrated They Now Need to Know What the EU Is

“It’s simply exhausting to keep up with whatever the communists are doing these days,” said American Max Williams. “I was banking on never needing to know.”

Williams is not alone. Hard-working Americans all over the country are exhausted by learning the EU even exists—having to learn about what it does just seems too much.

“I liked not knowing what the hell Europe was doing,” said Williams. “I’m never going to forgive Britain for this.”

Besides just feeling resentful, some people are experiencing inordinate amounts of confusion, even for American citizens.

“If it’s in Europe, why do we…care?” asked a seriously concerned mother holding a baby.

“Didn’t we get rid of Europe?” questioned a 20-something reading a newspaper.

“EU? No, thank you, I got that shot when I was 12,” said a grown man.


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  1. Oh yes. And a Prime Minister–is that like a beef butcher? And they just get to go to a microphone and say “I quit!” not even at the end of a term. Love your mind!


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