Person Re-Binges Show On Netflix In Quest To Uncover Meaning Of Life

“If I watch this show again, maybe I’ll understand something I didn’t understand the other five times I watched it,” said local man, Brad Smith, who has not left his apartment all weekend. “My sister has been on me about doing something with more meaning–finding a hobby, doing a small weekend trip, somewhere nice like Poughkeepsie. But I’d rather not do anything. I think if I re-watched this show that I’ve spent hundreds of hours on already, I can grow and develop the same amount as if I, I don’t know, hiked the Grand Canyon.” Smith said he was aware that with the literal weeks he has spent watching and re-watching this show that doesn’t even have great reviews on Netflix, like honestly it’s very much the epitome of trash television, he could have legitimately learned another language. Probably only a love language like French or Spanish, but still, he could have been on his way to bilingualism. “And I know all this, I do,” Smith said. “I’ve thought about this in between episodes. I have bouts of terrible existential anxiety because I am able to accurately quantify the time I have wasted on my shitty life. I know all of this, but am I excited, truly excited, to see what happens at the end of season 7 the sixth time in a row? Definitely.”


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