A List of Things That White Nationalism Has In Common With A Yeast Infection

A public safety announcement.

  1. While deeply uncomfortable, many people will experience it during their lifetime.
  2. It’s awkward, but necessary, to discuss.
  3. If allowed to fester, it can create serious problems.
  4. There’s always something white doing something it shouldn’t be doing.
  5. Has really general symptoms, so it can seem like it’s something else for a while. But nope, it’s a yeast infection. Or white nationalism.
  6. You always forget how much it sucks until it happens again. And then you’re like, fuck, I thought I dealt with this already.
  7. When you get around to researching it, you think it’s amazing that such a simple imbalance can be such a pain in the ass. An imbalance of the microorganisms living in the vagina? An imbalance of cultural diversity and political rhetoric that results in an over-compensation of white supremacy coupled with a desire for racially-fueled nationalistic pro-America regime? Tomatoes, tomatoes.
  8. You know it won’t help, but it makes you really, really want to take a long shower.
  9. And it’ll keep coming back if you don’t treat it properly.
  10. Weirdly makes me itchy.